Celestial Living Arts Botanical Symbol: MAGNOLIA (not edible). Representative of flowers and fruits that are rich in texture, sensual and fragrant, ruled by Taurus

Traditional Zodiac Symbolism: The bull

Calendar Dates: April 19/20-May 20/21

Ruler: Venus (planet of attraction, harmony, sociability, balance, affection, art, romance, friendship, pleasure. Goddess of love and beauty)

Balancing Sign: Scorpio

Area of the Body: The throat, neck, vocal chords, thyroid gland, cerebellum and back part of the brain

Quality: Part of the Fixed Quadruplicity (TAURUS, LEO, SCORPIO & AQUARIUS). Fixed signs are sustaining and resistant to change.

Element: Part of the Earth Trinity (TAURUS, VIRGO, CAPRICORN). Earth signs are known for practicality and stability and fair well in the material world. The sign of Taurus is particularly known for its sensual expression through the body.

Colors: Pale blue, mauve and green (pastels in general), brown and russet

Key Phrase: I HAVE

Individually customized products for TAURUS from Celestial Living Arts:


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Taurus Astrology Report

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