Celestial Living Arts Botanical Symbol: GREEN ONION. Representative of strong and pungent flavors, ruled by Scorpio

Traditional Zodiac Symbolism: The scorpion

Calendar Dates: October 23-November 21/22

Ruler: Pluto (planet of transformation and power)

Balancing Sign: Taurus

Area of the Body: Genitals, organs of reproduction and elimination

Quality: Part of the Fixed Quadruplicity (TAURUS, LEO, SCORPIO & AQUARIUS). Fixed signs are sustaining and resistant to change.

Element: Part of the Water Trinity (CANCER, SCORPIO AND PISCES). Water Signs are intuitive, emotional, with naturally psychic tendencies. Scorpio uses it watery instincts to guide its deep powers of perception.

Colors: Scarlet, crimson, maroon, midnight blue, black

Key Phrase: I CONTROL

Individually customized products for SCORPIO from Celestial Living Arts:


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SCORPIO Astrology Reports

Scorpio Astrology Report

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SCORPIO Astrology Spice Blend

Scorpio Culinary Blend

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