Celestial Living Arts Botanical Symbol: NUTS. Representative of the duality of seed for this sign that rules over most tree fruit nuts

Traditional Zodiac Symbolism: The twins

Calendar Dates: May 20/21- June 20/21

Ruler: Mercury (planet of communication, intelligence, interpretation, gathering and disseminating of information, commerce, manual skills. Messenger of the Gods)

Balancing Sign: Sagittarius

Area of the Body: Shoulders, upper arms, chest, lungs

Quality: Part of the Mutable Quadruplicity (GEMINI, VIRGO, SAGITTARIUS, PISCES). Mutable signs are flexible and versatile and can adapt and adjust to changing environments.

Element: Part of the Air Trintiy (GEMINI, LIBRA, AQUARIUS). Air signs have a strong mental body and intellectual orientation and are generally quite social and communicative. Gemini is often called the butterfly of the zodiac for its natural ability to gather and disseminate information.

Colors: Yellow and light blue

Key Phrase: I THINK

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Gemini Astrology Report

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