Culinary Spice Kits

Cosmic herbal spice blends for each sign of the zodiac

At Celestial Living Arts, we say YES! to incredible, edible flowers and plants. We’ll show you how to rethink your seasonings and supplements and spice up your daily diet with wonderfully fragrant, flavorful and healing botanicals*.

We have specially blended organic cooking herbal spice blends for each sign of the zodiac cultivated from healing botanical sources. The kits feature the four elements of the zodiac: fire, earth, air and water. Each kit contains the three zodiac signs that have affinity with that element and for each of the other signs based on this shared commonality. The four elements are characterized as follows:

Fire Culinary Spice Kit: $15.00

Fire signs are active and consuming, intuitive, creative, volatile and spontaneous.

Aries Culinary Blend Leo Culinary Blend Sagittarius Culinary Blend
Aries Leo Sagittarius

Earth Culinary Spice Kit: $15.00

Earth signs are known for practicality and stability and fair well in the material world.

Taurus Culinary Blend Virgo Culinary Blend Capricorn Culinary Blend
Taurus Virgo Capricorn

Air Culinary Spice Kit: $15.00

Air signs have a strong mental body and intellectual orientation and are generally quite social and communicative.

Gemini Culinary Blend Libra Culinary Blend Aquarius Culinary Blend
Gemini Libra Aquarius

Water Culinary Spice Kit: $15.00

Water Signs are intuitive, emotionally receptive, with naturally psychic tendencies.

Cancer Culinary Blend Scorpio Culinary Blend pisces Culinary Blend
Cancer Scorpio Pisces

How to Use Your Culinary Spice Kit

Use them in your soups, stews and dressings, as rubs and marinades for your grilling and roasting, and don’t forget you can add them to your favorite casseroles too. For herbal spice blends that contain dried berries, flowers or coarsely chopped dried herbs, we recommend blending in a spice grinder or crushing with a mortal and pestle before adding to your dishes. Store them in air-tight containers and away from direct sunlight.

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*When selecting your herbs, spices and botanicals, make sure you know that they are an edible variety, come from a good clean source and have not been sprayed with herbicides or pesticides. Always look for organically grown or wild-harvested products. Best of all? You can grow your own!