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Celestial Living Arts Customized Astrology Reports offer in-depth exploration of an individual’s natal chart highlighting obstacles and opportunities, natural talents and gifts as well as possible challenges and stumbling blocks that, when properly recognized and harnessed, can be the catalyst for growth, development and joyful living. Individualized Astrology Reports are offered in the following areas:

Child Astrology Testimonials

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In order to calculate the natal birth chart and the individually customized astrology report, the following information is needed:

This report is for:

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As a single parent raising two kids (one girl age 5 and one boy age 12) I need all the help I can get in making sure they get the love and understanding they need. The Celestial Living Arts Astrology reports really helped me to read between the lines on some of their emotional needs and have made me a better father for it. I highly recommend these reports for all parents.

Jimmy C., single dad

My 6-month-old baby just would not sleep through the night. I was trying everything! The Celestial Living Arts Child Astrology report suggested that, since my baby has a Pisces moon, I should give him lots of foot massages to soothe and comfort him. I tried this and he loves it! Now my baby, my husband and I all sleep much better through the night.

L. Ihara, new mother

As a student counselor in the public school system, I have observed how well this information offered in the Celestial Living Arts Child Astrology reports can benefit both parents and teachers, and ultimately help them foster the growth and development of their kids and students. I highly recommend these reports for all parents who want to help their kids thrive in all learning environments.

E. Pavich, CSW

Relationship and Love Astrology Testimonials

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The Relationship Report is calculated by creating a merged version of the natal astrology charts for each of the two people in the relationship.

Therefore, in order to calculate the natal birth chart for each person and the relationship chart, the following information is needed for both individuals:

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I was looking for something really unique to get our friends as a wedding gift. When someone suggested a Celestial Living Arts Love & Relationship Astrology Report, I knew this would be perfect. These friends are very dedicated to the idea of marriage as a spiritual path and, like most couples, want to share their lives together as harmoniously as possible. The report information was beautifully packaged and this turned out to be one of their favorite gifts.

J.J. Cota, a member of the wedding party

A recent O Magazine had an article on Oprah and her best friend Gail. It talked about how they have been best friends forever, do everything together and really enjoy each other’s company. As a result, the outside world keeps trying to suggest they are closet lesbians and they say they are not (they let it be known they have nothing against anyone being gay, including themselves). I have a very close female friendship like this and I too find it strange that in our culture that kind of closeness between two women is perceived as suspect. The Celestial Living Arts Relationship & Compatibility Astrology Report completely understood and captured all that is so special about our friendship. And it even helped us understand ourselves and our friendship even better. What at great gift this was!

Lahela B., a best girl friend

After the recent break-up of what I thought would be a long-term partnership and even possibly a marriage, I read the Celestial Living Arts combined report for our relationship and I was really relieved. I’m still sad about the relationship coming to and end, but with what the report outlined, I could see why we were destined for an uphill battle that, in the end, would have really worn us both out. This information has encouraged me to let go of the past and prepare to meet the happiness I truly am seeking in a committed partnership.

R. Engels, in recovery

Body and Soul Astrology Testimonials

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In order to calculate the natal birth chart and the individually customized astrology report, the following information is needed:

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I was curious to see if Astrology could give me any insights into some longtime chronic health conditions I’ve been trying to manage for many years. Once I read my Body & Soul Report from Celestial Living Arts, I couldn’t help but think how valuable it would have been if I’d had this information 40 years earlier in my life. The symptoms and conditions I have been dealing with (asthma and allergies) are so clearly outlined in my medical astrology. Even better, the report suggested ways to offset the emotional and environmental irritants that exacerbated the condition. This report was very comprehensive and each time I reread it I learn more about the constitution of my individual mind, body & spirit balance. Thanks for making this information available!

Janet H.H., asthma sufferer and pranayama practitioner

As an integrative health care practitioner, I always encourage the patient to participate in their healing process and take responsibility for their well-being. I often refer patients to Celestial Living Arts to gain a deeper understanding of how they can actively engage in the awareness of their body, mind and spirit. The information in the Body & Soul Reports (Child Astrology report too) is very valuable to anyone looking to be more balanced in their health and in their lives.

J. Waters, L.Ac.

Individual Forecast Astrology Testimonials

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In order to calculate the natal birth chart and the individually customized astrology report, the following information is needed:

This report is for:

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Date of Birth: (eg. 05/21/1970)
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Forecast Period

I have been relying on Celestial Living Arts astrology for some time now and have found it to be quite useful in both my personal and professional life. As a mother, wife, busy publishing executive running a media company and a person who needs to schedule time “off the grid” every now and again, I can count on the timelines and astrological projections Celestial Living Arts provides to be quite accurate and thorough.

A.G. Hardy, Publishing Executive

I check in with Celestial Living Arts regularly for my updated forecast so that I know when to hold ‘em and know when to fold ‘em. Ultimately, I know I need to trust myself to know what’s right and when the timing is right, but the forecasts are a great tool to help me keep my intuition on track.

Natalie W., Designer and Environmentalist

Child Astrology Samples


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Excerpts From Oprah Winfrey’s CHILD ASTROLOGY:

With the Moon in a fire sign, Oprah has a highly active mind and the thoughts range into the realm of philosophy and the theoretical. Inspirational ideas will be more interesting than practical matters, and travel and cultural pursuits can inspire learning.

As a small baby Oprah explores and learns about her personal environment through the five senses, and these are represented by the energy of Mercury. Over time, the senses are used in a more refined manner, and as the mind gains the ability to integrate more and more information, learning increases. Mercury shows how Oprah communicates those thought patterns -- how concepts are framed and also how they are expressed through communication. The years of Mercury’s heightened developmental cycle are from age seven to thirteen, when the connections between a child and her world are powerfully shaped. Language is mastered; communication skills are refined. It is during these years, that Oprah will project the qualities of Mercurial energy more strongly.

With Mercury in Aquarius, Oprah is blessed with an original and abstract mind, and will prefer learning things that seem logical. There may also be an interest in ideas which can benefit humanity. Oprah will find communication by electronic means fascinating -- so computers and electronic media can be great tools. Plus, her ideas will likely be rather unusual. One thing you may often hear from Oprah is, “I know”. This “know-it-all” attitude can become very irritating to others at almost any age! Mercury in Aquarius may seek out visual impressions first, and then go on to a deeper understanding.

Oprah’s most powerful emotional needs are symbolized by the Moon, which is the primary indicator of early psychological development. These needs remain with Oprah throughout life, continually growing and evolving. The Moon symbolizes the reflective nature of humanity. It is the absorbing, subconscious mind and reflects the needs of the soul. This is the matrix from which habit patterns emerge. Moon is Mother -- who provides nurturing, comfort and security. Mother is the model for a child’s developing sense of how she will nurture and care for others, and, most importantly, how she will nurture herself.

With Moon in Sagittarius, Oprah craves the freedom to move about and explore the world. Even as a small baby, Oprah may seem eager to venture out into the world. There’s a love to play games, tell stories and learn new things. It’s a need for expansion and outreach that drives Oprah. This need to expand may include overindulgence at the dinner table as well! An urge to know the truth will stimulate this child to ask many questions. Endlessly.

Since the Sun and Saturn are in a square aspect, Oprah will tend to be more sensitive to criticism and may have an inhibited sense of self-confidence. Seeking permission can create hesitation, delays or inhibition, especially if life circumstances dictate undue restraint or lack. If she suffers unreasonable limitation or is fostered in an environment lacking in positive support, the results can be highly damaging to development of a healthy and positive personal identity. Relationships with Father and men can be difficult, especially Oprah experiences primary male influences as lacking or negative. This suggests a feeling that parents or others from whom she needs approval is deficient in some way. You may also observe strong levels of self-criticism which, in later childhood years are projected as excessive criticism of or attempts to control others.

Scapegoating can also become a feature of her behavior, especially if she observes that others (like parents) are not fully responsible. Why should she take responsibility when everyone else is not? Rewards for embracing personal responsibilities can go a long way toward healing these feelings. If Oprah learns and adopts co-dependent behaviors, it’s quite likely that she will continue these models into her adult relationships. This discomfort can lead to a tendency to go overboard trying to please others as a means of gaining acceptance. It’s important to help Oprah learn that her needs ARE important, and that she deserves to have those needs met. Self-forgiveness can be an important and necessary step in healing these painful feelings and releasing shame or guilt.

Sometimes, planets appear to move backward in their orbital path from our viewpoint here on Earth. When that happens, we say a planet is retrograde. There can be a strengthening of personal faith with Jupiter retrograde, because ideals and philosophical beliefs are developed within the self. Oprah’s ideals and morals may run counter to those of society at large, because she is likely to give them extra thought! Writers William Butler Yeats (who wrote extensively about mystical philosophical concepts) and Upton Sinclair were both born with Jupiter retrograde. The expansive energy of Jupiter is positively enhanced when retrograde, because the inner search for truth is strongly empowered.

Oprah’s sense of uniqueness and individuality -- exemplified by the energy of Uranus -- can be strongly accentuated, since Uranus is retrograde in her chart. There is a powerful urge to break free of all forms of restriction and achieve true personal freedom. The knowledge that external freedom can only come when inner freedom exists is inborn. Many individuals born with Uranus retrograde have achieved positive recognition for their special talents. Some examples are Sir Winston Churchill, Johnny Carson, Katherine Hepburn and Anne Morrow Lindberg.

Venus, the expression of artistry, is, of course, an important part of creativity. This is the energy through which Oprah experiences and expresses feelings. With Venus in the 5th House, Oprah has a powerful need to dramatize her talents -- at least a little! Play-acting can be especially enjoyable, and she might truly enjoy school or community plays and performances as a way to express herself.

Moral questions flow through the realm of Jupiter, and learning higher principles through inspiring teachers and mentors is another outpouring of this energy. It is generally not until a child has developed some measure of cognitive skill that the awareness of Jupiter can be taught. Teachers and parents will be lasting models for spiritual leadership, since Oprah’s Jupiter in the 10th House stimulates a strong need to learn (and eventually teach) about morality through role models. Her enthusiasm for any value systems will be directly related to the type of response parents and other authorities provide during formative years -- ranging from religious or spiritual ideologies to political philosophies. It is crucial that she be given permission to explore ideals different from those of her “origins” in order to understand that one belief system does not necessarily make a person better than others.


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Excerpts From Madonna’s CHILD ASTROLOGY:

Mercury in the 12th House indicates that Madonna may be highly imaginative and artistically inclined. She may prefer a private, closed room for study and will enjoy some serenity when composing ideas or developing thoughts. Meditative practices or rituals may seem natural, even in elementary school years.

Since Madonna has a connection between Mars and Uranus, she can be accident-prone, since there’s a tendency to take higher risks and a fascination with the idea of doing what seems impossible.

With Moon in Virgo, Madonna needs to feel appreciated. There is sometimes a sense of not measuring up, since this child expects perfection from herself and everyone else. You’ll also notice that Madonna has very strong preferences, but, fortunately, those preferences can be changed through reasoning. She may have a tremendous curiosity about how things work, especially the workings of the body. Be forewarned: Madonna will be highly intrigued by the game “doctor” (probably as played with the kid next door!).

Madonna needs to be noticed and likes to be in the company of others, since the Moon in the 1st House brings emotional security needs into the expression of personality. Madonna can be self-absorbed, but will learn to move beyond that by extending emotional sensitivity toward others. Emotions will have a powerful impact on health.

With the Sun in a square to Mars, outbursts of temper may be a trademark for Madonna, especially during the temperamental twos and threes. This aspect can confer a kind of wildness, and telling Madonna “no” when she really wants something may result in a challenge — even from a toddler!

With Venus in Leo, Madonna enjoys being the entertainer and being entertained. She is looking for a great time, and can radiate the warmth and enthusiasm that will attract some spectacular experiences. Expressing affection through hugs, laughter and grand gestures seems to develop in early childhood years.

In many ways, her emotional expression is linked with divine love, and others can feel that she is a vehicle for divine compassion. In addition, her creative energies are extraordinarily responsive, with a strong attraction to music, dance and other flowing art forms. Give this child an opportunity to help others, and encourage as many forms of creative expression as possible.

Madonna will enjoy theatrical verbal expressions and may love reciting poetry, singing songs or telling stories. With Neptune in the 3rd House, there can be a special sensitivity toward all forms of communication, and may be an ease of understanding others, too. However, watch for a tendency to daydream a bit too much.


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Excerpts From Albert Einstein’s CHILD ASTROLOGY:

At the time of Albert’s birth, the Moon was moving at faster than average speed. Psychologically, this indicates a tendency for Albert to have an eagerness about confronting life experiences. New situations can seem more like a fun-oriented challenge, and are likely to be preferred over the status quo. Albert may also exhibit a tendency to jump into unfamiliar surroundings, often spontaneously or with little preparation. This can also indicate a tendency to feel frustrated with the necessity for lengthy study or research, especially if the material is not interesting! In such circumstances, forgetfulness can be a problem unless Albert learns to use associations which help him retain information.

Albert has Mercury in Aries, which shows a tendency to be very direct in communication and highly creative mentally. His basic approach may be to get the facts, then go on tosomething new. Even as a small child, Albert is likely to jump right into situations, just following the impulse to know what that thing is!

Be on the alert, since Albert has Mercury in quincunx to Uranus, an aspect notorious for diverting mental concentration. There can be a kind of genius with this aspect, but determining how to take the impulse to move into a different mental track without undermining ability, agility or focus requires time and conscious adjustments. Attentive teachers are a must.

Since Albert has a connection from Mars to Jupiter, he tends to press limits and there can be a tendency to ignore limitations or even to consistently push far past them!


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Excerpts From Robin Williams’ CHILD ASTROLOGY:

Mercury is not traditionally considered an emotional expression. However, Mercury’s role in the expression of feelings is highly important. Mercury represents the function of articulation of ideas and feelings and influences how we communicate them. After all, most of us are more comfortable if we can talk about our emotional experiences to someone special. A child needs to feel that he can talk about anything with his parents, and that it is okay to share feelings and ideas. When a child is not given opportunities to communicate his emotional needs, he can develop problems communicating almost anything else! Mercury’s function in our lives is to link internal processes to the external world, and one of the most important inner links is the experience of sharing emotion.

With Mercury and Mars in contact, Robin can be quite assertive expressing ideas. Words can be spoken before their consequences are considered. The tendency to blurt-out ideas can be useful when it’s time to speak publicly, since this connection adds courage to the need and desire to communicate. However, if Robin is angered, words are likely to be used as a weapon! During teen years, Robin might enjoy lessons in debate. Prior to that, parents and teachers will be likely to see ample evidence that this is a natural tendency. Arguments can be a form of entertainment. Encourage healthy banter.

With Mercury in Leo, Robin wants to speak with authority and presence, and prefers discussing something he already knows about. Leo Mercury identifies thoughts and concepts with “self” and explores using ideas like “this is small like my toes.” Public speaking can be an interest during secondary education years.

Mercury in the 10th House stimulates Robin’s desire to be recognized for his intellectual abilities. He can also be strongly opinionated, although in the early years will parrot the opinions of those influencing him. For this reason, it’s crucial that parents and teachers take clear responsibility for their ideas and methods of sharing them!

The energy of the Sun is tied to the development of individuality and the sense of identity. The individuality of the Sun begins to emerge once a child has developed enough mastery over basic bodily functions so that he can start paying more attention to the outside world. The Sun is a major factor in determining, “Who am I?” This radiance of Self really becomes focused once Robin is relating to others on a more frequent basis, especially during the school years.

The Sun in sextile aspect to Saturn suggests a quality of self-control and enhances Robin’s comfort with the adult world. Learning and educational experiences may be enjoyable, since accomplishing some mastery over information and over the physical plane will be positively self-confirming. Identifying positive role models can be especially helpful, since he may be more comfortable following in the footsteps of accomplished individuals until he establishes a sense of personal identity.

Confrontation may not be at all comfortable for Robin, since the connection between Mars and Neptune can dissipate assertiveness and anger. Neptune sensitizes, and the sensitivity to pain (or fear of it) can be increased. Certainly Robin may have angry feelings, but he will have difficulty finding an outlet for them. Anger is not an easy emotion because it can cause so much confusion. Also, expressing anger can ultimately leave him with a feeling of emotional exhaustion. Since a realistic assessment of others is blocked by idealism, Robin may either feel powerless or victimized. This can lead to escapist forms of behavior or tendencies toward addictive behaviors.

Because of the high impressionability, Robin may run into trouble playing too many video games, especially if they have violent content, since it’s easy to live in the fantasy of the experience. Then, if situations prompt any kind of acting-out, the reality base may be limited or inhibited in some way and once in the drama of the situations, he can carry it too far before he realizes what has actually happened. Linking cause and effect can be very difficult for Robin to learn.

On the other hand, Robin may also feel a profound need to rescue others from painful situations -- he can identify with the pain! This can create a trap during the preteen and teenage years, when he can develop a tendency to be drawn into co-dependent relationships filled with addictive behavior patterns. Certainly helping others is admirable, but the other person must learn how to help himself. Most children do not have the objectivity to understand this, and will simply identify with the other person. Parents may need to help Robin identify when it is constructive to help and when he needs to keep a reasonable distance.

Teaching Robin to cope with feelings of despair by using his natural talent of visualizing a more positive reality can help. Encourage Robin to bring vision into action, to see that the hope for a better tomorrow is valid. Dramatic arts can be a good resource for external expression, as can music. Robin may be rather charismatic, and can have a positive influence in the lives of others.

Relationship and Love Astrology Samples


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Excerpts From Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie’s LOVE RELATIONSHIP ASTROLOGY:


The composite Sun, like the Sun in a natal chart, is the heart of the relationship and its primary drive and focus. The ability to sense your way to your goals, to go directly to the mark without having to get lost in words and concepts, can be the hallmark of this relationship, if you allow it to be. You may serve as a gateway of freedom to others who need help clearing out their mental clutter and following the interior thrust of events which you can more easily tune in to. Thus, as a unit, you are likely to be sensitive to coming trends around you and depending upon your individual talents, may be able to cash in on them, though together you may find your hunches difficult to implement tangibly. On a higher level, your relationship can lead you to better personal spiritual understanding of your place in the universe and the value of the non-material in this material world. Treasures, the greatest and longest-lasting, cannot be understood in the normal fashion, but they can be pursued instinctively. When you trust your feelings and act upon them with faith, the Force will be with you and others who travel your path.


This relationship will very likely increase your mutual ability to understand each other at a very deep, spiritual-emotional level, sometimes to the extent of making you think you can read each other’s minds. At an inner level, the relationship will have those qualities of soul mates who can communicate without words, love without touching; it will have that something special that transcends the ordinary physical world and penetrates the ineffable. It is, however, just another form of communication not so available to the rest of the world; make the most of it.


This is likely to be a very creative and playful relationship, where the first inclination, given the choice, will be to have fun, enjoy yourselves, and go for the good life. This makes this an ideal situation for a love affair and for anyone in the arts or any other endeavor where creativity is at the heart of the matter. It is also great for having and enjoying children, since its fresh and outgoing quality is that which children radiate and it makes spontaneous communication with them easy and natural.


This relationship will be very productive in helping both of you go out and get what you want in life. Whether it be love, money, or just a good time, you’ll find the level of your appetite raised and your inclination to take a quick bite out of life heightened. Although you will be quick to imbibe of life’s pleasures, you will also quickly have your fill, though like a Chinese meal you’ll be hungry again rather soon after partaking. Thus, it is not greed but speed, so dip in and enjoy as often as you like and take the best — which you’ll likely get because you’re usually in there first.

VENUS sextile MARS

In a love relationship, this is one of the best aspects you can have, as it means that the two main physical sexual indicators are in harmony, which will save you all kinds of conflict in this area so gratuitously strewn with problems. Mars is physical sex drive, and Venus is desire, and when the two are at odds, it can be difficult indeed. Love and friendship can blend easily and there is a quiet feeling that everything is going to go right with each other. Even in a strictly professional relationship, this means that you will get along well and that each will tend to provide what the other needs at the appropriate times and your energies will more easily blend into a unified effort. This has the additional benefit of attracting others to you because you move well together and the apparent lack of conflict makes you look like winners.


Your relationship has a particularly rapid style of growth and you will find that changes in its development, when they occur, happen rather rapidly and may be difficult to keep up with. That should not become a source of worry, however, as you will find that growth spurts finish as quickly as they begin and that will give you both some time to catch up before it begins all over again. This kind of quick pickup, followed by an equally swift slowdown will also characterize the way the two of you go about developing anything that is significantly new in the relationship or in its outside involvements.


This is likely to have the potential of a real powerhouse relationship, one in which you each fire the other’s enthusiasm and together serve as a broad-based resource for the two of you individually. The key is a real inward-looking creative dependency upon each other, which will flower to the degree that you spend an equal amount of time seeing that the other benefits from it all as much as you do. A lot of positive and enjoyable lessons about equality are here for the learning. Because of this orientation, you will seek out and find solutions to many problems of personal relationships that may have baffled you in the past and which are the source of personal conflict for others as well. All in all, this is a very favorable position for Jupiter in an age where personal relationships are undergoing such revolutionary changes and those with the talent to help can benefit personally while being of benefit to others.


This is bound to be an unusual relationship which stands out in the crowd. Whether that is a favorable estimation depends on the degree to which you can integrate your creative aspects with the world around you. Originality is a given here, and you will find that inventiveness is second nature to you.


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Excerpts From Katherine Hepburn and Spencer Tracy’s RELATIONSHIP ASTROLOGY:


The composite sun in Taurus indicates a fairly robust, evenly-sustained kind of relationship where the partner’s energies compliment and supplement each other so that when one tires the other is ready to pick up the slack. This is, at least, the inclination when other factors do not get in the way. It is the kind of relationship that may take a while to develop, but once established it will be solid and not easily interfered with. Because of this, it will also have a refreshing and sustaining quality that each of the partners can draw upon when times become uncertain.


A broad, inventive streak characterizes this relationship and you will always be on the trail of something new to add to the revelations that life has to offer. You will not have to seek out the new and unusual, because it will come to you as a matter of course, and you will see the positive side and not the too-frequent combative side of establishing new approaches to life. You will want to keep your options wide open in the way that you deal with people, as life is full of surprises and you won’t want to shut yourselves off from any of them.


You may find this an emotionally verbose relationship in which you both open up your lines of communication and can discuss how you feel more easily than most. It will not be easy to sit still and make long-range emotional decisions, so don’t try to; be willing to talk to each other and enjoy the changing personal climate around you as you move from moment to moment. Keeping in close touch will allow you the freedom to taste a world of feelings and experiences without getting bogged down in any one of them. It will also allow the two of you to be a channel for getting others together and directing their messages to each other where they may have difficulty on their own. This gives your relationship good prospects on the business level, as this ability is in increasing demand as we further penetrate the information age. Stay light on your feet, and you will taste a rich tapestry of life.

MOON conjunct PLUTO

This is a very intense relationship with a distinctly dark side that causes you to flirt with extremes of sex, power, and death and their emotional manifestations. Yet it is only fear that will keep you from pursuing these same experiences far enough to elevate you to new heights of self-realization, so you will do best if you cast aside your reserve, dangerous as that sometimes may seem, and plunge in for a full dose of life. Just being together may trigger off buried fears you had forgotten about and would do well to be rid of, so use the fact that you have found each other to get them out into the light and transformed into something you can use creatively. There is a lot of opportunity here, and perhaps more than a little danger. You arouse the deepest urges, desires, and fears in each other and thus give yourselves the opportunity to unearth and understand them. In the process, you may experience every variety of paranoia, power play, and emotional blockage, yet the possibility for gain can be said to be nothing less than visionary and miraculous if you play your cards carefully but fearlessly at the same time. This relationship will be anything but lightweight, or it will not happen at all. If you’re ready to explore the depths, and perhaps attain the heights, welcome to each other.


Competition and the elimination of it may be the key factor in whatever struggles arise between you. Attaining and maintaining equality will likely be a major issue, and to disempower one will be to disempower both. That would seem like a strange thing to get in a fight over, but it’s entirely within the range of possibility that disagreements may arise over how equal your opportunities are. In fact, there can be a good deal of one-upsmanship here, and very often neither will benefit from the other’s well-wishing because it is actually a power play in disguise. The trick is to just let it be and understand that what supports you is not one or the other but the interplay, which needs to be left alone in order to work.


This is a difficult place for the Moon and represents what can be an extreme challenge or a great burden, depending upon how you approach it. The immediate reaction to emotional situations here will be to answer the question, “Who is boss?” That is a bad place to start, and might be well substituted with, “How can we serve each other?” Since service tends to be such a one-way affair in our current society, it may be difficult to create satisfying equality out of a serve and be served kind of situation. It will require that you both examine the roles you play in respect to each other and be very specific of what is acceptable and what is not for both of you. The emotions of each must have free play from time to time, however you decide upon mutually accepted restrictions, and you may find that because of this it will be well to have another option to give yourselves individual growth separate from the relationship.


An easy sense of communication marks your style, and you have an effortless way of letting people know how you feel without impinging upon their space. You can be a go-between and a sympathetic ear not only because your words will be non-threatening, but because you have a knack for putting feelings into words which you can do for other people as well as for each other. It can be however, very easy to utilize this talent for yourselves alone and wonder why on earth other folks have such a difficult time communicating. The key to this or any talent however, is use it or lose it, so it would be well to become involved with others less fortunate than yourselves and help them out. This has a twofold benefit: first, it’s just a good deed and if you can do it you ought to; second, by doing so you will be forced to figure out precisely how you do what you do so well, so you will be able to fix it when in breaks. In your case, self-knowledge may be found by first going outside yourselves.


Your relationship is characterized by a certain quickness and agility of mind that makes you get your thoughts in first and can put you at the head of the line if you check them for errors before delivery. In fact, you may find that when together you have a much more assertive and incisive gift for gab than either of the two of you do separately. There is something in the way you hand off remarks to each other that speeds up and sharpens both your thought processes. You must take care how quick a stab you make so as not to inadvertently hit the wrong target, particularly when you are dealing with one another. A thoughtless word can do more harm than nothing said at all, so sometimes the impulse to stick your oar in must be resisted for the good of all.


This is an ideal place to have the sun, perhaps the best of all. It is perfect for love and romance, fun, entertainment, and creativity and generally having a good time. Friendship will blossom and the relationship will likely involve you with others in a positive and outgoing fashion. Because of the playful nature here, children and their affairs are favored and you can relax and have fun in a more innocent and childlike fashion. In business it is good for ventures that require creativity and originality, especially where speculation is concerned, and the free flow of ideas and enhanced leadership ability is positive, indeed.


Responsibility and reward are the key concepts behind the Moon’s north and south nodes and the houses where they fall you will find to be the classrooms of life where your most important lessons may be learned. A concentration on the tenth and fourth houses means that circumstances will repeatedly bring you back to a focus on public and private life, where one begins and the other ends, and how they reinforce each other or conflict. The emphasis will be on the public side, and as a professional relationship this will prosper, as you find increasing opportunity to make commitments outside the home. and profitable one.

Body and Soul Astrology Samples


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Excerpts From Oprah Winfreyrsquo;s BODY & SOUL ASTROLOGY:


Mercury in Aquarius gives the Uranian qualities of originality and independence, love of intellectual freedom and one apt to repudiate social conventions, preferring to live according to idealistic concepts. These individuals often care less about current fashion, and dress in a style entirely their own. They can be very stubborn and opinionated, while at the same time maintain liberal, unbiased attitudes. They are usually kind, sociable, and fond of friends, with the result that they usually attract large numbers of intellectual people to their circle of acquaintance.


This position indicates a native that is able to form acquaintances with strangers and gain friends most readily. There is a marked disregard for convention in personal tastes and friendships. Financial gain may come through friends and associates. These individuals have wide-ranging social attitudes and behavioral patterns.


This is one of the strongest signs in which Mars can be placed, indicating the natives are resolute, courageous, and willful, yet also mechanical, practical and hard working. Their manners can be blunt, the mind is acute and capable of directing others. They have strong likes and dislikes and are known for their intensity of purpose to attain their goals.


Cancer is a psychic sign and with Uranus so positioned the native is capable of cultivating these powers. In a womanrsquo;s chart it is likely she will break from or evolve beyond the traditional roles of women in her family.


Scorpio ruling the third house indicates individuals with resourceful and intense powers of concentration and communication. These natives have the ability to persuade others with concise and frank speech.


Saturn in the third house indicates that thinking, learning, communication, and the development of essential skills play a major role in the nativersquo;s life. When well-aspected it indicates a serious, sober and thoughtful mind, capable of concentration and able to cognate the profound sciences and other serious subjects in life. It gives tact, diplomacy, justice, honesty and all the other Saturnine virtues of the mind.


Mars trine Uranus indicates an ambitious disposition able to cope with great difficulties under trying circumstances. Natives with these configurations are naturally inventive, intuitive, and successful in bringing their ideas to realization. This aspect is one of the marks of the pioneer of the Aquarian age, where science, electronics, communications, aviation and invention will reach out in far-reaching directions. Logic and reasoning is already present in the subconscious mind. It also indicates those apt to possess an abundance of energy.

MARS conjunct PLUTO

This aspect indicates tremendous physical energy that springs from the spiritual reserves. The native has more than the normal level of endurance, courage and will-power. The consciousness of the individual will determine whether the native will express the Martian energy and thus be prone to lust, greed, and egotism; or be of a more Plutonian nature with great powers of regeneration that can lead others by spiritual poise.

SUN conjunct VENUS

This aspect tends to enhance the artistic side of the nature, making the native fond of company and society, delighting in sociability, comfort and luxury. The native is generous, warm-hearted, affectionate and cheerful. It shows power of the emotions and confers beauty and ease in self-expression. These individuals usually have a good sense of humor and get along well with the opposite sex.


Sun trine Jupiter configurations are sure indications of health, wealth and happiness. It gives the person an abundance of vitality and even if unfavorable planetary influences succeed in breaking down the resistance, recovery will be rapid if not miraculous. Equally, the native is sunny, jovial and extremely optimistic, beloved by those around them. This aspect indicates the accumulation of financial fortunes and wealth due to hard work and not by the detriment of others.


Mercury trine Jupiter is one of the finest assets in life, for it gives a cheerful, optimistic disposition with the ability to always look upon the bright side of things. The mind is broad, versatile and able to reason and form a reliable judgment by careful deliberation. They are successful in law, literature, publishing and communications while being much respected for their honesty and sincerity. This aspect is particularly fortunate for people who travel for business or pleasure, for they will reap both benefit and enjoyment. It makes them “healthy, wealthy and wise” beyond the average person, and they are loved by everyone for the vital vibrations they radiate upon whomever they meet.


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SUN conjunct PLUTO

This aspect indicates a strong willed native with a competitive disposition and egotistical drive. These individuals usually possess sexual potency. There is also the potential for a jealous personality. There is tremendous ability and power at their disposal, or even higher states of consciousness. The native must learn harmony or else their efforts will be their own self-undoing. Health impairments come from not recognizing the bodyrsquo;s need to recuperate as the native tends to push beyond the limits of endurance. They may suffer from a hyper metabolism resulting in acidosis and severe nutritional deficiencies.


Normally, Virgos are health conscious, and many make an effort to stay physically fit, becoming picky eaters, if not food faddists. Many adapt to routine exercise or other activities. This sign has a unique resistance to disease once the mind is disciplined by becoming dispassionate in evaluating the performance of others as well as themselves.


This position, when well-aspected, indicates a liberal, broad and progressive viewpoint of the native upon all problems of life. These natives concentrate much energy and vitality on higher education or specialized training. People with Mars in this position are likely to support a cause whose object is to uplift mankind, socially or spiritually. They are fond of moving and benefit by changing from one place to another, especially by travel in foreign lands. They have a clean, clear and alert mentality, to the point of a “one track mind”, and a special way of presenting their views to others.


This aspect indicates a determined and energetic nature capable of intense and sustained action which obtains results. The executive ability, dominant forcefulness and endurance of these natives is remarkable and consequently they constantly accomplish what others most never achieve. They rise to prominent positions and are much esteemed on account of their ability. As a person, however, they are sometimes criticized for behavior that can be viewed as cruel, cold, and hard. These individuals usually have strong physiques and general good health.


This aspect indicates an ambitious disposition able to cope with great difficulties under trying circumstances. Natives with these configurations are naturally inventive, intuitive, and successful in bringing their ideas to realization. This aspect is one of the marks of the pioneer of the Aquarian age. It also indicates those apt to possess an abundance of energy.


The tenth house reveals onersquo;s ambitions and the degree of worldly success he/she may receive. Aquarius ruling the tenth house indicates natives that are drawn to unconventional goals and tasks or way ahead of their time. The outcome for this position is beyond the nativersquo;s control and is indicated for good or naught by Uranusrsquo; position.

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PRINCESS DIANA of Wales: Excerpts from 6 month forecast Feb 1981-July 1981

Announcement of Wedding Engagement to Prince Charles: February 24, 1981

Wedding Day: July 29, 1981

Transit PLUTO trine natal Moon

Feb 24-Apr 10

The energy of this long-term influence is favorable and the benefits and good fortune that come your way during this period are likely to have implications for your success in the future. This means the efforts you make during this period to get the things you want in life, form relationships that provide emotional security and support, establish a home or family of your own, begin a family business, develop your creative talents, or engage in better nutrition and health practices will no doubt be successful. However, just as important as any immediate victories you may have, is the fact that these efforts will have a significant role to play in giving you the power or influence to maintain, or regain if necessary, success in these same areas at some point in the future. During this period, your mother or a strong female figure and children in your life are favored-- and they may also be the means of your own good fortune.

Transit SATURN trine natal Jupiter

Mar 31-Apr 29, Jul 11-Jul 29

There is a fortunate application of tradition, maturity, and past experience in your current circumstances that contributes to your personal growth and prosperity. If you lack the necessary tradition, experience, or maturity to be the contributor to your own progress, it is just as possible to be the beneficiary of those who do possess them. This is not an automatic kind of luck. Lest such a beneficial atmosphere slip away unnoticed, you will have to consciously attempt to take advantage of it.

PLUTO transit House Ten

Transit Pluto enters Diana’s Tenth House: Nov 1980–Dec 1989

This influence covers a period of many years. It carries much depth and power of transformation but because of the length of this period’s duration, you will only witness evidence of it at certain times, usually during the months when it begins, and at various times when other circumstances and influences occur to trigger it. Much of what takes place will depend upon the appropriateness of your age, level of maturity, and past experiences. Naturally, the more you are aware of this powerful influence and its potential, the more you will understand and be able to use it to attain personal growth and other positive goals. The nature of this influence is an increased urge to seek ultimate control and a position of greater power in specific areas of your life. During this particular period you will increasingly resent anyone who exerts control over your fate. If you do allow or are forced to allow others to make important decisions for you, the results will not be favorable. Concern with your ultimate destiny will have a profound impact on your career or other long-range goals. By the time this period has ended, you are apt to have experienced a complete change of heart where they are concerned. If you have not established any permanent goals by the time this influence comes along, you will no doubt learn the importance of doing so before others do it for you. Drifting along in the same pattern year after year will not be acceptable. If you fail to take charge or make attempts to gain greater influence as an individual, the events and people you encounter along the way will conspire to force you to make changes-- some of which you may come to regret. The choices you do make, voluntarily or otherwise, are not likely to be easy or trivial. You will not gain something without giving up something else. One of the consequences of all that goes on during this long period, may be an intense struggle between home and family and the demands of a career or other long- range goals.

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